Thursday, May 03, 2007

Love (SARS) is in the Air

No, don't worry it's not really SARS. It's just the Sore-throat And Running-nose Season.

Everyone I know is coughing and sniffing. *cough! Cough!* *sniff* Be it at work, at home, on MRT. It's just gross especially during peak hour in the packed MRT. Everybody gets a piece of love.

So people, please take good care of your own body, i.e.
- drink lots of water,
- eat fruits rich in Vitamin C
- Pei Pa Koa will help stop the coughing (maybe, if you drink the whole bottle you'll stop breathing too)
- rest at home (tell your boss he should rest too)

Stop spreading the love, it's no good for humanity (of tiny-island Singapore, the rest of the world is non-existance).

Happy belated-Labour day!


zeezee said...

Aboslutely, not only the virus is preading, its also getting stronger and tougher to get rid of. I had been coughing and sneezing for almost 3-4 mths. Gosh, its terrible.
Take moer fruits and drink more water, everybody!

Chern Jie said...

zeezee: 3-4 months? wow!! ain't that a bit too scary!! You take care okay girl!

zeezee said...

yea.. but i m fully recovered now!! =)