Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Beer Tolerance

I'm damn proud of my beer tolerance, I can drink and drink and still be very sober. There's a popular saying from my friends that I can drink six full pints of beer and still be able to walk backwards in a straight line.

Then came Singapore, I hardly went out drinking ever. And a very significant discovery is that my beer tolerance dropped like mad. Having just half a pint and I'm feeling dizzy and high already.

My male ego is very hurt ... sob sob ... Gotta train up that drinking power again!


zeezee said...

hey man, u really gotta train up man, if u need some drinking buddy haha jio me!

brennan said...

The humidity in Singapore may have affected your drinking skillzz. Don't worry, will get used to it! :-D

NextLogic said...

happened to me to, but can be changed, practice makes perfect :o)

Chern Jie said...

Hiya Dasha zeezee, we should go for a beer sometime. I don't know if practice makes any different in the aspect of drinking, but it'll certainly be great to drink.

Brennan, how does the humidity affect the drinking? The reason I'm blaming Singapore is because of the culture here. People don't drink as much which makes it no fun.

Su Yuen said...

Haha CJ! No worries! You can train up when you come back for CNY!!

brennan said...

Oh. Was joking about the humidity. :-D

Yah man. Most of my kakis don't like buying drinks themselves. Students saving on money, perhaps?