Sunday, March 18, 2007

Stupid Twitter

So Nexus is going to be next week and we're all busy getting things ready and up and ready and up. I sure do hope it's over soon.

Anyway, orders just came in that I'm supposed to think of a way to get into the conference. In the Live Blogging or New Media segment. What the heck is that? I have no idea. Reading around, it's some SMS blogging thing that's becoming pretty popular. At least that's what Ming Yeow says. I don't believe, as usual.

But it's true! It's so true that a few reputable bloggers that I frequent have just posted about it this very week! Damn, that Ming Yeow sure is good at catching trends before anybody even notice.

Okay, got to get back in analysing Twitter. Till now it's just another waste-of-time, useless, online-social-networking, service to me. Oh, and waste of money.

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