Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fail it and then fix it

That's the attitude I have started to employ more and more frequent.
It's a good debate whether this is right or wrong, based on the
relevant situations. But in the mechanical world, we can only find the
source of the problem only after we have studied the failures and it
is only then that we can minimize the damage.

Also, I've also become quite adapt to the idea of handling failure
situations. What's the worst case scenario? What should we do if this
fails? What's the backup plan? Or what's the emergency rescue plans? I
find that on running projects, this is one of the first things I focus
on apart from the objective of the project.

Let's bring this into the human relationship department. Does this law apply?

A failed relationship, is really difficult to fix. It depends on the
relevant parties to decide whether they want it fixed or not. You can
take up a spanar, screw driver, and more spare parts, but you can't
fix a relationship with them.

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fireball said...

You truly have a gift of expressing candid human emotions...I'm a woman and I totally relate to your blogs.