Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bad mentality or Kiasuism?

I realize I have this "mentality" so to speak. Whether I see it as a "trust" problem, or "approachable" problem. I can't quite put it down.

This problem, is that I really don't like it when people are discussing a problem and trying to find a solution of something that I already have answers to. I realize that this always bug me.

Why can't they just ask me? If they know that I'm good in so and so area, just ask me and I can give you the solution to your problem. No need to go through the whole "investigation", "experimenting" and "failed let's try again" situation.

For example: How to make a good curry?

Couldn't you just ask me? At the very least I could give you some advice. Or even better, I'll teach you how to make curry. Why must you discuss with your pal of the uselessness of the pot, or why this cooking material isn't fresh? Why can't you just ask me how to make the best out of what we have? We can still make a fantastic dish out of just simple materials.

Of course, what I'm referring to isn't curry.

I wonder if I should let everyone have the joy of going through the learning process and the joy of DIY. If there is no time constraints. Then yes I suppose under these circumstances I'd gladly be happy if you are happy doing it. But for something important and when there's no time to spare, and we need a quick solution to a problem, I expect one should just ask me.

I guess all these boils down to my leadership skills. And how I should handle these situations in a more pleasant way for all parties. I shouldn't feel angry or jealous just because people didn't approach me for an answer. I shouldn't feel disrespected. And I should learn how to handle these situations in a more professional approach. Be careful not to offend others.

I'm only writing this because I feel guilty of how I made my colleague feel after some misunderstanding.

Gah, screw anti-aggresiveness. screw humbleness, if one sticks to those advices, you'll always end up as a conformist and will not get anywhere far in life.

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