Monday, January 15, 2007

17" and 19" Samsung Dual Screen

Yes, I'm a bastard. I'm using dual screen at work. One 17" and the other 19", both Samsung flat screen LCD monitors. I'm here grinning like a little boy eating ice cream.

The 19" LCD monitor just came today. Although it's humongous, it's pretty useless to this computer because the maximum resolution is only up to 1280x1024. And I thought it'll help at all with my AutoCAD works. Sadly, it doesn't.

See, one side doing coordination while the other doing design calculation. Multi-projects-tasking. Hah! My foot.
The company sure do try very hard to make me work harder. And indeed, I'm so motivated that I'm working sooooo hard. :(

Well, one thing you may want to know. Does dual screen increase work productivity or efficiency? Anybody'd say "Yes, of course!". But really, it just increases the number of things you do, like chatting on MSN at work, and doing other random useless stuff. So, productivity and efficiency? goes down.

Get dual screen monitors. You'll get nothing done.


Anonymous said...


I am Ahmed's friend. I got an email about the dual screen, then went to your block by clicking on the URL provided conveniently.

I think, it is by choice on what you want to use your second screen on. It is like a car. You use it to race, or for transport that can either be useful for mobility, or indirect monetization.

A computer, can be used to create algorithms to change the world, or simply, be used for minesweeper, or minelessly surfing the internet.

Well, it is an enabler, and I think it is by choice what you want to use your tool for. :)I guess, it is more of an issue to have an absence of an enabling tool when you need it, than the redundance of it, simply because you decided on the extent of its usefulness or vice versa.

Chern Jie said...

haha, thanks for the comment, Mr Anonymous. Well I'm getting more and more adapted to using dualscreen now. It's helpful if the day is busy and several task are demanded to be WIP. It becomes like an addiction after a while. Can't live without dualscreen after. haha