Friday, November 10, 2006

Retire early, retire RICH

There appears to be some sort of programme available for foreigners who would like to retire and live a comfortable life IN MALAYSIA!! According to this company ( sounds scammish), you can do so just by paying USD 500 and it'll guarantee you the following:
  • You will get a 10-year Visit Pass and Multiple-Entry Visa (renewable every ten years) which will eventually give you a lifetime easy access to the country
  • You can import your car or purchase a new car, tax-free and enjoy other tax incentives
  • You can invest and own businesses in Malaysia
  • You can enjoy a luxury lifestyle at a fraction of the costs
And of course, you'll have to make the "initial" payment of USD 500 whether you like it or not. Without even the slight real life contact with them.

First of all, correct me if I'm wrong, there is obviously no such thing as a tax-free car. Nor that one is allowed to "invest" or even own a business in Malaysia.

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