Saturday, November 04, 2006

Johor Bahru District Map for Industrial Development

Johor Bahru District Map for Industrial Development

The southern Johor is under heavy development, the government have invested a large amount of money into building up the area. It's a wise choice as it's near to Singapore and instead of surrounding the small island with Military threats, they are building up Industrial sectors there. If both countries can maintain a healthy relationship and good governance, this area will prosper beyond our wildest dream.

  • JB City Centre
    - New Central Business District
    - Danga Bay Waterfront
    - Sg. Segget Revitalisation
    - Free Access Zone
  • Nusajaya
    - Johor State administrative Centre
    - University Park
    - Medical Hub
    - International Destination Resort
  • Western Gate Development
    - Tanjung Pelepas Port (PTP)
    - Free Trade Zone
    - 2nd Link Access
    - Free Access Zone
    - RAMSAR Heritage Park
  • Eastern Gate Development
    - Tg. Langsat Technopolis
    - Kim-kim Regional Park
    - Pasir Gudang Port
  • Senai - Skudai
    - Airport City
    - Senai Multimodal Centre
    - Skudai Knowledge Centre
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