Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Art made of Tyres

Tire Artware

Do you know how environmentally unfriendly tyres are? Apart from being expensive to manufacture, it also does no good to the environment. Rubber tyres aren't recycable, they can only be disposed into junk yards.

Some Europeans countries such as Germany has already ruled out manufacturing and processing of rubber products because they present a threat to the environment. To manufacture or process rubber products, you'll also have to pay upfront the cost of disposing it, or degrading process. This is inevitable but how is it possible that we live in a world without rubber? Same goes to petroleum.

Just recently, the commodity price for a kilogramme of Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR) has risen from a mere 2 ringgit to 9 ringgit. The real culprit behind this commodity murder is unknown, but it's enough to make rubber's value more expensive than gold. Okay maybe not gold but storing some copper in your warehouse is enough to make you a millionaire one day.

So these fellas took the time out to make art out of used tyre. I must say they did a pretty good job, at least rubber waste still hasn't lost it's economical value.

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Anonymous said...

That is insanely cool.