Thursday, September 28, 2006

Suzanne Lee gets Free Nokie N93

Suzanne Lee made it on to the newspaper. I was flipping through Star Intech and spotted her picture, thought she looked familiar. Met her through Hospitality Club.

Hehe... "Social networks" you say.

The lucky girl got my "dream" (Nokia N93) phone... *sobs* I suppose now you can see her clicking away with her new Camera-Video phone.

"Suzanne, if you don't need it (as if) you know who to contact" *wink*

Click on the image to have a better view.
PRETTY AS A PICTURE: Nokia Malaysia Sdn Bhd multimedia business manager Stanley Gan (left) presenting the N93 as a souvenir to local photographer Suzanne Lee during the product launch in Kuala Lumpur recently.
Oh, while you're at that go vote for her on Asian Youth Ambassador Awards 2006.

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Suzanne Lee said...

Hey there! thank you Chern Jie for the nice posting! and the links! haha I've actually got 2 now since the second one is a "token of appreciation" for the work on the exhibition that i did for Nokia using the first one (prototype)
the phone is definitely a dream phone and the picture quality is Superb! i'm linking you up to my site, by the way.. in the 'in the news' gallery
(happy travels!)

Chern Jie said...

You've got 2? Wow! *droools*

So ... am I getting the spare one? No? I didn't think so. :(

And hey, thanks for the link.