Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I want to learn Piano... and go to Taekwando classes (or any physical classes)

I was just talking to Debbie on MSN and I just realised how important my personal experience with piano and music has given me so much confidence in myself. I must admit the learning process was difficult and it was tough to go through all those years of hard training.

And so I've once again made up my mind that I want to learn piano again. I love the instrument, I love the songs, I love the tunes. I want to be skilled at it again. I want to learn it all over again. I want to be able to play it (to impress others) again.

If in the near future I tell you that I'm going to give up learning that instrument, or that I'm too busy with other things, please remind me to never give up learning music. This reminds me of why Jiin Joo also wanted to remain in the music composing industry. He loved it but maybe just loses motivation for it or something else.

I want to be back in the music again. I want to feel motivated, like it's still possible to move up the ladder despite all those weights. I want to learn piano again.

I'd like to take up classes of yoga or taekwando or some other stuff... it'd be very important to my physical health.

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