Thursday, June 08, 2006

8000th days old

It's my 8000th days old Birthday today.

Your 10,000th day will be November 27, 2011!
Your 15,000th day will be August 5, 2025!
Your 20,000th day will be April 14, 2039!
Your 25,000th day will be December 22, 2052!
Your 30,000th day will be August 30, 2066!
Your 35,000th day will be May 9, 2080!

Reference: Days alive calculator
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jonathan said...

Ha! As soon as I saw the title I knew where you had found that out from.... happy 8000thday, Chern Jie!

Chern Jie said...

Thanks for dropping by, John. It's been a while. And thanks for the greeting too! haha

My real birthday's tomorrow. :o

Abby said...

Hi Chern Jie
Glad you had fun with the days alive calculator! I am, happily, over 10,000 days now so I get to relax for a while. Oh, and happy birthday for last month!