Friday, May 12, 2006

Natwest Direct Debit Scam

National Westminster Bank has just charged me an amount of thirty eight sterling pounds for a tiny mistake in one of my direct debit payment. It is an awfully lot of money for such a small transaction and there's no way to get it back (since they have control over our money).

Banks uses such "scam" methods to get money from its customer. Effective but it's a pain in the ass to the customers. Other methods includes bounced cheque or faulty cards.

Always make sure you have enough money in your bank account for any upcoming direct debit payments, be it mobile phone fees, water bills, electricity, gas or just an eBay transaction. Otherwise you'll end up being robbed off just like me.

Make no mistake!

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Chern Jie said...

I'm just testing out the co.mments feature... see if it's working at all

Yee haa!

Anonymous said...

That tiny mistake was not having enough money to meet your payment? Why not just get an overdraft?