Friday, April 28, 2006


In life, everybody is running. Not running away from things but running towards life. Some people runs with the crowd, some run towards their own destination, while some just stand still and look at people run. Who are you?

Do you realise most of the time, there is a road which you can run on, which means you are guided with directions. That makes thing easy for you. But when you come to an open end, where you have to determine your own directions, you need to identify your destination before running again.

Well, some people which do not know how to find their destination just follows others. These are the people that are easily being influenced, or misguided. These people are really in need of finding a destination to run to or else they will end up no where.

Some people follows footsteps of other runners. It's not a bad thing, because these people has got a destination that they know they can arrive at. But just that they need more creativity some times.

I find that following the crowd is really something that is unable to avoid. Or sometimes, it just happens that the crowd have the same destinations you do. But my point is, how can one succeed going in crowds? One needs to be different to stand out.

There is a lot to learn about running and life. You'll never know where you are running unless you have been there once, or have a map or guide with you. What happens if you are not supplied with those tools? Would you consider yourself lost?

Think about it!

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