Monday, April 03, 2006

I've been killed 243 times yet I'm still alive

Statistically throughout my life, I've been killed:
  • 6 times knocked by a speeding car while cycling on the road
  • 8 times crossing the road
  • 9 times in a car accident
  • 6 times in an elevator accident
  • 7 times in an airplane technical malfunction or bad weather
  • 4 times in a bus explosion due to engine failure
  • 9 times being dumped by a huge crush
  • 4 times being robbed and raped
  • 2 times beaten to death by gangsters
  • 8 times in a train accident
  • 5 times in a neighbourhood shooting spree
  • 6 times drown in the swimming pool or river
  • 8 times choked to death for swallowing something huge
  • 4 times beaten by poisonous snakes or bugs
  • 5 times for food poison
  • 1 time in a natural disaster (the tsunami)
I've been killed 92 times or maybe more, how many times have you been killed? How often do you come across a point where just that little difference would decide whether you are alive today or not? Whether you'll be right here reading this?

The point I'm trying to make with respect to my previous article about death is that death cross our path so often that these encounters really just need that little bit of difference to actually happen. Instead of moaning about how life is a bitch and how you almost died, learn to value that we are alive and enjoy it.

Life is short, I'm sure we hear it more than a dozen times but do you realise what it actually meant?

On a different topic, it appears I'm not the only one making the "common" observation. Some big headed dudes are talking about it in the huge world. Heh.

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