Saturday, April 01, 2006

Influences / Effects of My Own Actions

How you behave in the presence of other people always have an effect on them whether positive or negative. It could be very direct or indirect and it's pretty hard to pinpoint exactly what you did that influences others. Many times it also depends on the way the other party perceive your actions or behaviour. Whether it is a positive effect or negative effect, it is a very interesting skill to master (to realise how your action influence others) as this comes in very useful in many analysis of problems and situations.

In a sense, it is a very reliable method of finding out where your reputation lies too. I'm pretty aware of what my actions have on others, of course I'm not 100% sure all the time but there is some clues to follow.

Let me give you a simple example. My german friends started having instant noodles for breakfast after seeing me do the same every morning. It is flattering to know that I have an above average likable standard in their eyes otherwise they wouldn't be bothered to follow my actions. Eventhough instant noodles is generally unhealthy and I do it only because it's fast and simple.

Another example is this blog, somebody have joined in the bandwagon and I'm proud to say that I play a part in it's birth. HAHA, okay of course not entirely my fault but just a small part of it. Welcome to the blog world.

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