Sunday, April 16, 2006

How to make Pizza?

Ever wondered how easy it is to make Pizza where they charge you a fiver for a piece of bread with very little toppings? It's actually really easy and here's a step by step guide to teach how to make your stomach (and your guest's) happy.

First, meet the crew. Not that you need so many people to make pizza but it's more fun to have chaos and disaster here and there, especially in a party.
*silently* missed them...

Next, prepare all the necessary ingredients for your pizza:
- sliced tomato, tomato puree, tomato sauce
- sliced mushrooms
- sliced bell pepper, preferably just red colour
- mildly cooked/fried chicken (add bits of salt and pepper for taste)
- plenty of cheese, basically whatever you can get
- apricot (ewww...)
- olives
- the base (pizza bread) - you can buy this from the supermarket if you don't know how to make it on your own
- whatever you want to add to your pizza (corn)
Remember this is your pizza, you can add whatever you want to your very own made pizza.

Now, we'll start by spreading the tomato paste onto the pizza base.
Then we proceed to add bell peppers and mushrooms to it. Put as much as you want but not too much.
Add more toppings to it, make sure to spread them out evenly. And not too much toppings as it'll be too heavy and messy to eat.
Now add cheese. Lotsa cheese.
Add some more toppings on it for decoration, such as the olives. Yum!
Throw it into the oven for twenty to thirty minutes. Full POWER! We want out food HOT!
And here we have it, the end result: A homemade pizza with loads of toppings and best of all, it costs under a fiver. Dig in!

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