Wednesday, April 19, 2006

How to handle Loneliness?

Every now and then, like an ongoing cycle that repeats throughout our entire life, we all feel lonely at one point or another. It's hard to explain how and why or even when we will feel lonely, the monster of human emotion strikes any time any where. Whether it's a desire for attention, companionship, or something fresh, everybody feels lonely.

Not to be confused with boredom. You can lock yourself in a house for several days and you will still be fine. You can meet many people day in day out and yet deep down inside you long to somehow ... feel special. Feel loved and cared for, like how those characters in movies or books always are. Having an active social life helps but it doesn't mean the monster wouldn't come back.

Many people go for different approach (subconciously) to fight the feeling of loneliness. Under extreme circumstances, engaging in a romantic relationship or participating in social activities, societies, are the more popular approach. Those who aren't able to find a solution ends up being depressed and eventually suicidal.

I can't call myself an expert but I'd say my life experience has led me to understand the majority of people more. How and why people do what they do because of how they feel. But not all the time. These series of drama often have a similar pattern that you may identify easily and approach them with a similar solution. Experience counts.

Loneliness, in the short term can be reduced by eliminating boredom. Reading, watching a movie, listening to music, playing sports, writing a blog are simple examples. Engaging in healthy social activities like playing in a band, managing an organisation helps, seeking god's guidance.

Some people go to certain extreme to fight loneliness with very negative outcome. And that's the end of this entry.

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