Thursday, April 20, 2006

The French are famous for...

"Two guiness (one orange) a day keeps the doctor away." ~ Alain (french lover)

Everybody loves the French (except for the English, of course) Their culture has brought to many everyday luxury things that we all loves.

French baguette
yum yum, bread.

French lover
If someone calls you a French lover, they meant you are a flirt.

French boys and girls
You need to meet some to know what are the typical French.

French grandma
If you have a French grandmother, you have a very cool Grandma. She is probably somebody you look up to a lot.

French language
"Je ne comprends pas le fran├žais", sexy speaks for itself.

French kiss
Not a normal peckon the chick or kiss on the lips, but an act of sexual passion to your partner. The technique involves sticking your tongue into the mouth of your partner and "exercising" it. No idea why they do it since Bubble gums gives tongue exercise anyway.

French letter
A romantic love letter given from one to the lover as an expression of a sexual longing somewhere down south. More like protection actually. Here's a related joke.

French cinema
Erotic films. (erh? is this even true...)

French horn
A musical brass instrument played in the Orchestra. Here in UK it's called the British horn because it's not actually a French instrument.

French fries
Everyone's favourite fast food. In the USA, it's called "liberty fries" or "freedom fries" and here in UK it's called "chips" because the English hates the French.

French strikes
Yes, they are so famous for strikes (more than any other country I know). Every now and then is another strike like the recent teacher/lecturer strike.

French wine
mmm... good for a candle light dinner with lamb steak and a pretty French lady.

French waiter
Apparently, the earned the reputation as the best waiters in the world.

Francophilia is the love of France, the French, or French Culture.


Disclaimer: this is just a joke played between some friends of mine, no intend to be against the French.

References: Nadina the French, English aren't Europeans, Food, glorious food - Ice Age 2, French letter, French vs American, Stephen Stirling - French Horn, Musicians jokes, French strikes, the recent teacher/lecturer strike, How to choose wine, Freedom Fries, Francophilia
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wodge said...

French Soap! Not well known because they hardly ever wash! Allegedly!

Only kidding! :-)

Chern Jie said...

French Soap.. HAHAHA "Undos stres" is spanish, I think

wodge said...

Which reminds me of a quote from Futurama:

Professor Farnsworth: And this is my universal translator. Unfortunately, so far it only translates into an incomprehensible dead language.
Cubert: Hello!
Translator: Bonjour!
Professor Farnsworth: Crazy gibberish!

(From Series 2 episode 10 "A Clone of my Own")

Chern Jie said...

haha, that's a good one!