Thursday, March 02, 2006

Will you buy that for me, Sweetie?

I wouldn't want someone to pay for me something I wouldn't pay for myself ~ One of my quote of the day. I said this to Charly when I declined her offer for a pint of beer at the local bar.

As many know I'm very stingy, it's in my blood. I can't shake it off but I would love to have the best value for money. (Don't we all?) Partly because I have no money but I'm spending anyway. So, I tend to spend as wise as I possibly can, i.e. only spending on stuff that I really need.

Anyway, I have a friend who under normal ciscumstances want others to spend for her even though she doesn't want it. Maybe it makes her feel superior or something and I find that this is rather common among the female species. Now, I bet you almost every girl would deny with a straight face that they wouldn't want anybody to pay for them, and yet doing their best to lure others into spending for them, only to say: "Oh, I don't want it!". Bitches!

What's more, this isn't just how women treats me (a man). It's the same in women to women relationships. (No men would do that, we just simply feel superior)

And there's this total misconception among the ladies and ladies only, that guys SHOULD buy them drinks. Well, I do buy drinks for the ladies but if that's the impression I get, it'll be the last time I buy them any drinks.

Only two kinds of people you are allowed to buy drinks for:
  1. Your mate, of course.
  2. A girl you knew for a certain period of time, not immediately.
Tips on what's to buy and what not to buy for someone when going to the bar or pub:
  1. Drinks that are on offer, i.e. £1 for a pint of beer.
  2. Shots are allowed, the more the better.
  3. Under no circumstances whether there is an offer or not, to buy Vodka and Redbull (or some other combinations of Vodka). You have got to be the biggest idiot of all time if you ever spend a Vodka mix (especially) on a girl.
  4. Wine are expensive but worth it.
That's about it. Cheerios.

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