Friday, March 10, 2006

Trees With No Leaves

I went to London and I see trees with no leaves.

Hagi say it's called Winter.

Oh, I see. Winter. The tree winters. (inside joke)

I also see fat ducks.

Man, they make me hungry.

Reminds me of the best roast duck in Four Seasons.

The pigeon solo. Fat like the ducks but not for my appetite.

So, I like buildings. Old buildings.

Do you have a problem with that?

You do? Let's go to court - The Royal Court of Justice.

In front of all the judges, we fight our case.

While the little boy with the crown get entertained.

My future house.

My office.

My fountain of wealth (and health, it's a hospital).

My new office.

Tower Bridge, the most beautiful bridge for collecting corpse in the river.

Tower Bridge - the most beautiful picture of the tower.

Tower of London. Ghostly.

We went there in the middle of the night because we like standing in the cold freezing ourselves.

References: Four Seasons,
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