Sunday, March 05, 2006


My Dear Schaefchen,

Now that you have arrived at my webpage, you should really get a taste of internet fame for a bit. So here this entry is dedicated to you.

She's the gorgeous one in the red, the guy on the left is her other half.

Who is she? She's Lisa, 23 (not 26) from Austria studying linguistic. Like all other female studying language, they are big time perfectionist and are really picky. She doesn't eat meat because it's cruelty towards animal but she eats her own Pampered farm animals. Oh, you should see her on the dance floor, nobody draws more attention than she does.

How I met her? It all started with her obsessions over gay people. (note: She absolutely LOVES gay men, because they are sexy, smart, sensitive and so nice.) So, one day I was walking down the street, walking, walking and walking. Suddenly, this girl fell out from the sky out of no where. Quickly, I help her up and asked "are you okay?". Then she says, "Thanks, I'm fine!" but followed by an unexpected comment: "Are you gay?". I stared at her and asked why? She said, because you are so nice!

Okay, I was just bullshitting. I met her through a friend of a friend of a friend of mine. Now, don't be angry. Schaefchen!

What's Schaefchen? I don't know, it's german and the direct translation says "lil sheep" or "sheep-py". Cute eh?

Do I fancy her? Hell yeah! Hahahahah, you have got to be crazy if you don't. Because even gay men loves her. Too bad she's taken ...

So, due to her influence I'm gonna join the German Society. (hey, it's great to learn German)

Next entry: The Crazy German Girl

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