Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Power of Networking

I know many start up Internet companies out there who have very brilliant ideas on a new Internet project, whether web 2.0, social networking, AJAX or just a blog. Often these companies have outstanding skills or technology that no other companies are capable of presenting, and yet these companies aren't very successful in their line of business. While some others, who need only some brilliant ideas and lotsa networks and contacts have the upper hand.

Just recently, Writely a web word processor was acquired by Google despite having only a four person team. These four people have a very impressive job history in their specific field and being in their line of expertise for that long, they of course have a very wide base of networks. The idea of a web based word processor isn't impossible (like any other software technology) nor difficult to come by, yet there isn't any companies that would invest into such an idea. I almost suspect that Upstartle's (the company behind Writely) early company mission was to get acquired by Google. It only make sense, right?

The factor that determines the success of Web 2.0 is not the technology, but the brilliant ideas behind it. ~ myself (hah!)

So imagine, I have this brilliant idea to enable word processing available online in an online interface using AJAX application. I want my users to be able to use this processor in a very user-friendly manner that totally resembles the desktop version. Now, what direction can this company go to make money? Selling shares? User subscriptions? Selling advertising space in documents? No, wait. I also want my product to be widely available to the public for free because that's a good business model. One of the only best option would be to get acquired by a big giant internet company such as Google.

The things is, Writely is only less than five months old. Getting noticed at such a short period of time AND then acquired really depends on some personal networks and contacts. Google would definitely not pick up an indian technology company or that chinese super-brilliant product idea. It's all about contacts. And networking.

Then there's the rumoured Google Calendar nicknamed CL2 is yet another AJAX application expected by many AJAX enthusiast such as myself. Hey, don't tell me that you didn't see this coming? In fact, I've been waiting for it since the beginning of Gmail. This calendar will potentially spell the end of other AJAX-based calendar company. For what reasons? Reputation and market network.

This goes the same for so many other things out there. I should have better examples to share but I think it's time to go to bed now. Sleep tight angels.

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