Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Influence of Advertising for a Country

Recently, Ask Yahoo published another entry titled: Who invented "I Heart NY"? It's basically a campaign commissioned by the state of New York to change the mood of people.
The "I Love New York" campaign was commissioned by the state of New York and designed by the very famous graphic designer Milton Glaser in 1977. You know, we love it when we can answer a question so quickly -- in a New York minute, even.

But, wait. New York is a place of stories. And the one behind the logo may be more interesting than the design itself -- which is nothing more than three letters and a heart symbol. Glaser created "I Love New York" at a time when nobody loved the city.

President Ford had just told New York to drop dead. Serial killer Son of Sam prowled the boroughs. One of the world's greatest cities was deteriorating under budget deficits, blackouts, riots, and -- according to Glaser himself -- lots and lots of doggie poo. Today, just about everyone's willing to show the city some love, but back in the late 1970s, confessing your amore for the Big Apple left a rotten taste in many a mouth.

The city and the state eventually saw economic upturns, and New Yorkers rallied to address many of its plaguing issues. But we believe Glaser's deceptively simple design and sentiment surely played a part in the slow but strong rebirth of the great metropolis.
It never strucked me about how significant a city's advertising can do to it's economy and overall development. Just recently, the campaign commissioned by the German authorities to "lift the mood" of the country's "grumpiness" through the "Du Bist Deutschland" campaign. Something went wrong and the advertising campaign went out of control.

In my previous entry I explained about how small things have great impact. How certain individual wouldn't care about how their actions can cause an impact in what they do. It doesn't neccessarily equates to this but advertising does have an impact in the way people thinks.

It's all the tiny little things. Small and often goes on noticed.

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abby said...

ah yes, and then there is the famous picture of John Lennon wearing his I heart NY t-shirt... a whole topic in itself!

Chern Jie said...

Hi Abby, good to hear from you. How was your presentation? Is it over or is it just going to be in April or something.

John Lennon must have really made an impact in the popularity of the IheartNY thingy. Haha.