Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fighting Falsity of Information

One of the things that frustrates me the most about the internet is fake stuff. Be it scraper sites that ranks high in search engines, spam emails that fills up your inbox, splishing, IM spams and all else automated.


Blogs and websites that spreads urban legends, false information, variants of rumours, (opinions sometimes), news and how certain sex scandals gets out of proportion.

The latter form of false information often leads to many misconception of a certain topic no matter how teeny-winy the issue is. Such small matter have small influence in our daily life's perception and perspective. However it propogates into many things and over a long period of time it have the power of shaping society and the way people thinks. There are many evidence in history whether significant or not, it is up to you to realise what affects what.

The most basic method to reduce chances of registering false information is using common sense. Here we talk about some useful tips.

Trust your source. Always check your source of information, who published it? Does it come from a reputable and reliable media company? or a random someone you never met? Evaluate the sources' reporting history.

Word of Mouth. One of the most powerful marketing tool, can also be deadly. Superstitious or cultural customs often evolved from here.

Judge the information. Decide yourself if the information is likely or unlikely to happen, or could it be someone trying to create a diversion.

Be Flexible with an Open Mind
As we all know that it's hard to determine what's true or false, we'll eventually learn that certain things that we believed or have strong opinion in may have been wrong all along. It may be painful to learn the truth but it's more important to be open minded and accept the truth when required.

As for spam emails, Wired news reports that AOL is beginning to charge a small fee for bulk mail companies who wants to guarantee their emails being sent to their recipients email. I suspect that in the near future every email we send will be charge a small fee. It will be a good move to filter spam but bad for your wallet.

ps. I'm not sure if falsity is a word but answers.com have it in their record, so I'm pretty proud of myself for creating an existing word.

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