Sunday, March 12, 2006

English aren't Europeans

My housemate complaints about how ignorant the British are about Europe and how they denies themselves as Europeans. Generally, the arguments goes like this:
The British don't call themselves Europeans, they are English and they are special from the rest of the Europeans.
Although there isn't exactly any racist intent when they are conversing, it undeniably touch a nerve among the European (except Brits of course). The problem here isn't that the British do it on purpose, rather they just don't realise it when they are having a friendly conversation with other people.

This is of course a very generalised accusation and doesn't apply to every single person I've met, whether they are from Germany, France, Austria or England. But such form of misunderstanding does exist here.

England is part of the European Union but they are not part of the Euro Currency union. I would think that this is for economic reasons rather than being "special". This make sense, currency plays a major factor in the wealth of a country however Germany and France (which are pretty wealthy) have joined in despite knowing that this move will not have as much positive impact to them compare to the other poorer countries.

If we look at it from a different point of view, British do have their own share of shadowing from other world powers such as the Americans.

If we look at how the Malaysian and Singaporean blogosphere stand up for "Patriotism", we'll know how everyone is just the same. Everyone is just as stupid and similar than they think they are.

"Too much patriotism often leads to racism" ~ Schaefchen

There was a movie my friend told me about, something called Crash. I haven't watch it but judging from the reviews it's quite worth it. It talks about how everyone misunderstood one another.

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