Monday, March 20, 2006

Dubai - A Mystery

In my previous entry, I showed some pictures of Dubai's up-coming sky scrappers. It's amazing, don't you think?

To be honest, I've not heard of Dubai until a few years ago. *shoot me self* I flew with Emirates and had the oppurtunity to drop by Dubai. From the air, it's mainly desert just like what you can see in the pictures. But it's slowly quickly building up. Really quick. It's amazing.

Dubai's currency as of this moment: 3.6730 Dirham to one USD (that's pretty similar to Malaysia)

So, my question here is:
1) Where does the money come from?
2) What is driving them up so fast?
3) the new government?
4) support from giant foreign powers?
5) oil?
6) Why developing so freaking fast? The speed of buildings coming up are faster than one can blink.
7) What is the economy state like?
8) What are the people there like?
9) What languages do they speak?

Well, apparently most of the questions can be answered by one word: petroleum. Plenty of Petroleum.

What other speculation do you have? I'd like to hear from you. To me, Dubai is still a mystery. At least for now.

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