Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dubai - Civil Engineers' Heaven

World Fastest Growing City. Some US$ 90 BILLION (2005 est.) projects are on-going in Dubai alone!

15% of the world tower cranes are currently in Dubai.

Battle of the Tower Cranes:

Dubai Extension Airport:

Burj Dubai Tower - World tallest (2008):

World Biggest Ski Dome (Within Mall of Emirates):

World Largest Themepark: Dubai Land (2009)

Features Real Size Dinosaurs Roam on Earth (Jurassic Park):

Dubai Marina Project:

Jumeirah Beach Residences (40 blocks):

World Largest "Palms" - Jumeirah Palm, Jebel Ali Palm, , The World, Deira Palm (Hidden):

Another Palm: Deira Palm (Largest):

Jumeirah Palm (The smallest Palm):

The World (Own an island for a price of US$ 7million/island)

To access your private island, get a helicopter or marine boat.

In the making:

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