Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Saliva is Good For Your Facial Skin

Warning: urban legend, don't bother.

I find that people in this country loves to spit their saliva on other people's face while talking. Often it's either they speak too softly or the background noise (such as music in a club) is too loud that I have to stick my face closer to "embrace" the saliva (conversation). In a club, it's not uncommon for a bloke to take advantage of getting closer to the ladies by talking into their ears, and in the process send some saliva into the ears. Some say it arouses the ladies (which according to some extensive survey, it does work).

Isn't it disgusting having saliva spited on your face?

Yes, of course it is. But this post isn't about how disgusting it is but rather the opposite. Having talked to many people of all ages whether young or old, I find that I can't avoid not being spit at. And often, trying to be polite while talking I have to ignore wiping it away.

Give Us Some Love

Some people say that dogs saliva are good for their skin, said it'll make their skin smooth and soft. Hence you see them always allowing their dogs to lick their hands, fingers and even faces. Whether or not this is true is unknown to me.

The more saliva you have on your face, the more love you get. The more love you get, the more beautiful you become.

My own face would serve as an evidence because it's so smooth after being spit at. I would gladly show you my face but I'd be really out of my mind.

The Dark Side

In case you didn't know, saliva is the ultimate tool to pass sickness around especially flu viruses. That's one of the reasons why Sars makes it top of the chart. It is also said that the Japanese wasn't badly affected because they bow instead of shaking hands (or kiss). Ridiculous.

I was very sick for one whole week due to a sickness called Upper Respiratory Infection. Yeah, I got it from some girl I dated who, well, you know.

My "valuable" advice to you is: Accept the "love" from others at your own risk and don't bother cleaning it. You will earn the smoothest facial skin without paying for expensive facial treatment.

Oh, do you know why do dogs lick their balls?

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Wow! People spitting on each other's face. Very nice. But where???

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