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Manchester Blog Meet 2006

The meeting was great, it was a great experience for me considering this is my first time meeting other bloggers. To be honest, I've only found out about the Manchester blogging community last week so I've never actually "read" any of the bloggers yet apart from some.

I told Clare (who organised it) I was nervous before going to the meeting. I was afraid I might feel left out while they are talking about one of their blogging topics where I had absolutely no idea at all. But everyone just boomed into a chatty atmosphere almost instantly. People kept turning up and I got to meet lots of great intellectual people, both bloggers and non. Some came from different parts of the United Kingdom and overseas as well (New York). Oh, and Lucy who stays just down the road from my place. (surprised!)

We started out from Kro Piccadilly. Now, considering nobody told me to censor their faces apart from out Mystery Guest of the day, I'll just post all the pictures here. If you find this as a breach of your privacy, call the police and/or sue me!

Just kidding! I don't mean that. Just let me know and I'll think about it.

That's Tom, Jonathan and Clare.

The only two non-bloggers out of the whole crowd (I think): Abby (in the cap talking (Jonathan's sister)) and Lucy (in red). It was great talking to them however both are here to study (and research) us. No humans were harmed or killed in the process.

In the background you will notice Manchizzle smiling, and Wilson at the far back of the table. The rest I haven't had a chance to speak to so I can't name them. Oh, I mustn't forget the BIG "MB" sign right on top of the table that Clare put so much effort to make. *winks*

From left: Unnamed (sorry), Lisa (in colourful scarf) and Wilson.

More people that I haven't had a chance to speak to. (spot the mystery guest in this one)

I am obviously wrong to assume Abby and Lucy were the only non-bloggers because someone brought their family and children along.

That's Mike and his girlfriend (a non-blogger as well), he even put on his "Me, Me, Me" t-shirt just for the event. Easily identified.

That's Richard on the left, I think.

Mystery Guest doesn't like taking photos, or rather she just enjoys being mysterious, hiding behind Clare (in red). From left is Rob and second is Where World Collides. Oh, apparently Jonny was here and he isn't the mystery guest.

Finally, the one with the annoying camera is inside the photos. Mystery Guest is still hiding behind Clare. At the moment, these are the only people left.

Camera suffering from technical confusion.

That's how Kro Piccadilly looks like for those who've never been there. According to Clare, the light deems according to daylight, very impressive.

One of the most interesting things we did was a survey in the bar. I told Clare that I didn't think anybody in the bar would know what a blog is and she suggested a survey. We did it all just in the spur of a moment and I was proven wrong, very wrong to have made my initial statement.

We went around the bar asking people "Excuse me, we are just doing a quick survey. Do you know what a blog is? B. L. O. G.", repeating the same question over and over again. Clare did the questioning while I took down the results. The outcome was very interesting and we even took down genders.

Venue: Kro Piccadilly
Time: 6.10 - 6.15pm
Question: Do you know what a blog is?
Total number of people interviewed: 74

So, I was far from just wrong. Fifty percent of the customers in Kro know what a blog is and at least twelve percent "half-knows". (covers face in shame). Let's not forget that the crowd in Kro are of more intellectual standard, posh and well spoken so that could be a factor.

Amazingly, there are more blokes who knows what a blog is compared to the ladies. I would actually thought that more females would know because most bloggers I know are females. As Mystery Guest (MG) suggested, it could be that the blokes are just acting smart and macho in front of their lady friends while the ladies just acts timid.

Well, there was this one case where this guy was obviously lying when his lady friend said she knows what a blog is, shaking his head then changed to nodding when the lady said "yes". But I've marked him as not knowing to be fair.

I think we missed out on one other important question: "Do you keep a blog?" It would have been interesting.

After the fun in Kro, we left to visit some part of Manchester. Above is a picture of us in Chinatown. Again, MG gone into hiding.

We walk around more and headed towards the Turkish Restaurant.

He's got a present from Clare. Yay!

An antic of somesort, not sure. He certainly looks happy while everyone around just looks admiringly.

In the Efe's Turkish Restaurant on St. Peter Square.


In Mother Mac's Pub, off Oldham St. behind Piccadilly. (The "MB" sign stands tall and rigid.)

Thank you Clare for organising this event. It was wonderful and I hope to see more of these meetings in the future. Overall it was a great event.

* I appologize for not being able to name everyone. Blame my horrible memory and ignorance.
* Updates 1: Normblog helped me fill in the blanks for bloggers I couldn't name.
* Updates 2: Wilson posted a list of bloggers who came on his blog.

Some interesting thing I learned: What is Corned Beef Legs?; What is a blog widow?; the Gay Village is still the best.

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Clare said...

Tee hee. Wonderful post. Well done. But shhhhh, Mystery Guest is a secret. ;o)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Brilliant post - great pics: how can we beat that?!

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging and blogmeets and more crazy meetings!

Phil said...

obviously wrong to assume Abby and Lucy were the only non-bloggers because someone brought their family and children along

Family and children? It was Clare's (or rather Felix's) endorsement of the cake that did it. Actually one of the aforementioned could have been the youngest blogger there, except that he hasn't got round to starting it yet. Computer games and radical politics, apparently. Don't know where he gets it.

yrs ever,


Chern Jie said...

Clare: Yeap, it'd be interesting to find out.

Lisa: Thank you so much and it was great to meet you.

Phil: That's true. In a few years time, bloggin will be massively encouraged in the education system. Every student will need to update their blog regularly with ... erm Homework. I think.

Clare said...

I finally posted a round-up of all the various accounts of the blogmeet here. Enjoy.

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