Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I Love the Gay Village

Really, I do!

Canal Street is situated right next to the University and so it's undeniable that I visit the village almost daily, for several reasons (nothing in the homo-category). Usually for food at McTuckys (comes from McD and KFC) where they serve better food and better drinks with better price compared to the university. McTucky's got to be the favourite of many people and it's not difficult to figure out why.

For a good night out, it's better to go to the Gay Village instead of Mtwo or other crazy clubbing destiny in Deansgate where they charge you expensively for cover charges and drinks, and you can still expect a good boxing game that might potentially get you killed. Gay village has beautiful night lightings, great music, no cover charges, cheap drinks, and lovely people (that includes both hetero and homo as well). Oh, and meet George from Eden.

There is also another reason why I love the Gay Village, it's a great place to get part time student jobs. Unlike other posh workplaces where they require you to go through all sorts of procedure than to turn you down because you are one inch too short. Working as bar tenders are actually fun.

One of the most common question I get when I tell some people I'll be going to the Gay Village is: "Are you gay?". Do you have to be gay to go to the Gay Village? Obviously NOT. So I replied, "I'm bi." And then everyone's happy.

I'm gonna be nice and show you some pictures of my experience as well as some kinky tips for a night out in the Gay Village.

As a guy, you've got to dress gaily: bright t-shirts, some accessories and big gorgeous belt over the waist! Don't underestimate the belt as it attracts curious attention as you shake it the ladies just simply love it.

See, they just love it. Now they are doing it on their own.

Makes everyone happy. Some of them even went crazy.

Yeah, it's the best place in the whole of Manchester to be, night or even day time. One day, I may own this street.

Here are some pictures of the Pride Festival:

Plenty of securities.
Men in tights.
Men in tights 2.
Look at the crowd.

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