Tuesday, February 28, 2006

How to tell Jokes without Offending Anyone?

Having a sense of humour is a very important form of social skill. People with good humour tend to be more likeable and popular. Comedians draw attention to themselves by telling jokes. But often than not, if a joke isn't well presented it would offend someone and the end result isn't good.

When not to cross the line?

No matter how sensitive an issue is, it's okay to be made a joke and for a laugh. No matter how offensive or bizarre it may be, it's still okay to be spolen. But when does it goes wrong?

The expression, presentation skills and the way of words are the major important factors.

The person telling the jokes have to know the right way of presenting it to an audience that would not think that he is being ignorant or a jerk. It takes practice, experience and confidence to do it right. One other important thing is one must know the who are the audience, their background and what appeals to them.

I'm writing this just as a reminder to myself because I joke a lot and it certainly isn't as easy as just telling a joke. Especially when I'm tired or had a bad day, the jokes gets lame and edgy, sometimes it may even offend someone and that's no longer funny.

Geek speaking would be: brain tired - brain loses some processing power - less filtering of words spoken - tendancy of saying something wrong goes up - dangerous.

I'm tired. Hence dangerous. (sounds like a girl, shit!)

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