Monday, February 27, 2006

How to choose wine?

whaFor most people who doesn't know much about choosing wine (like myself) will always get stumped at the wine section of the supermarket trying to think figure out which bottle to choose. For me, I follow the basic three rules when deciding which one to buy:
  1. It has a nice label. Obviously, a nice label doesn't mean that it's necessary a good wine, but first impression counts and it often goes a long way.
  2. It is produced in a country where, well one of your friends or aquaintance have visited before. This is a good topic to bring up just in case you run out of conversation topics.
  3. It is under a fiver. I'm no wine expert, any wine will do as long as its cheap. Hah! (fiver refers to five quid, as in five stirling pounds)
Personally, I've not met anyone who's very particular in how good a wine is. Not even season wine drinkers (who also have strong opinion about myths and hungovers). No matter it's still interesting to find out how to choose a wine in case you go to an italian/french restaurant (on a date).

From Cooking Light with their strategy:
A second strategy is to quiz your waiter; the more specific your questions, the better. My two favorites are "Which wine does the chef like best?" and "What are your most popular red and white wines?" Don't forget to give a price range. You might say, "I'd like to try a Zinfandel, and I want to spend £10 to £20. What do you suggest?"
See, common sense. Not hard at all. ;)

Here, Wine Basics talks about cocks corks.
Keep your cork wet:
Be sure to store your wine bottles on their sides if you are planning to keep them longer than a couple of months. This keeps each cork wet, and a wet cork is a happy cork. Because a cork absorbs a small amount of wine, it becomes slightly swollen with it and forms a tighter seal against the glass than if it was dry. The tight seal keeps air from leaking in, and exposure to air can ruin the wine.
That's certainly lotsa cocks corks in one article.

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