Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Erasmus Latin Crash Traffic Light Party

I missed the previous one so I'll try my best to make it this time.

Thursday 16th February @ Club North

OK Party Animals? Get set for the party of a lifetime! The hottest, wildest and longest party in Manchester is coming soon! Erasmus Latin Crash Traffic Light Party will be the best student night in town this Thursday 16th of Feb, in St Valentines week! The only thing you'll need to do once you enter Club North, is to pick up a colour sticker depending on how you are feeling!!!

Red - not tonight dear I have a headache!
Amber - I may be up for fun, but you are going to have to convince me
Green - I'm up for a giggle, what you got in mind!

There will be more than 800 British and International Students coming over to Club North, so make sure you don't miss the party this time! Fed up of queues? It's very easy, you can now buy queue-jump tickets (in advance) from the International Society from Wednesday the 15th of Feb, from 10 till 5pm. With the queue jump ticket you won’t need to queue!!! The only thing you’ll need to do, is go to the entrance of Club North, show your ticket to the doormen, and go in! Easy peasy!

*Update: See the next Erasmus Latin Crash Kiss-kiss party

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