Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Crazy German Girl

Disclaimer: No hard feelings, this is just a joke entry for a good friend of mine. And Germans are not kinky, maybe.

The Germans are known to be pretty kinky, as in kinky, you know, abartig, verworren, verdreht, whatever. My throat's dry now it's so hard to speak Deutsch.

Well so is our friend Christine. Err... maybe.

Christine understands the true art of human nudity. She loves it so much she pays £3 to go for one session of night art class. Weekly. The class would give her unlimited drawing paper (A2 size), high quality pencils and a life nude human model. Weekly. Then, along with many other nude enthusiast like herself, they draw through the night.

That's pretty okay actually, a normal but fun hobby. Improves your drawing skills. Nudity. Make friends who have common hobby. Nudity. Embrace the most fundamental and beautiful art of mother nature's work. Nudity. Enough said.

I would gladly post some samples of her work which I must say is pretty good but I would need her permission. Of course. Oh, you know, you can earn thirty quid an hour or more for posting nude in front of a large crowd eager to draw you. It's good pay and you get your ego boost. All you need to do is keep still.

Let's get back to topic. Christine is a lovely girl, pretty, tall and crazy. Sometimes, crazy appears to be an understatement. She waited in a Jazz Club alone for an hour and a half while I get out of bed, took a shower, drank coffee, read some news, made dinner, ate dinner, dressed up, polished my shoe, and went out to meet her. Some date eh? Don't think she'll ever want to go out with me again, ever. But being crazy kinda omits that situation, we still meet a few times since.

Okay okay, it was my fault but I had a good alibi. I was sick. I appologised sincerely.

Christine earned her title "Crazy German Girl" from her housemate, Shawn and I have nothing to do with it. Honest.

Note: No life nude human models are killed in the production of this blog entry. However, the author might have already been murdered due to enormous guts and big mouth.

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