Thursday, February 23, 2006

Another Paris Hilton Sex Scandal

No, it's not Chantelle. Chantelle is lovely and I think everyone agrees (except that she's a Paris Hilton look alike). This blown-out of porpotion sex scandal isn't a celebrity, but a young girl studying in Nan Yang Polytechnic from Singapore. Her mobile phone containing videos of her having sex with her boyfriend is stolen and published on the internet. I discovered it through technorati because it's not just the number one search topic, but four out of all top five.

The South East Asian blogosphere is one of the most scary online community I've ever seen, honestly. The topic they cover does not matter much about the world but rather more on social life, i.e who dated who, who meets who, who shags who, or who went to jail. They (malaysian/singaporean blogosphere) have so much market power that technorati is constantly being overwhelmed by topics concerning or related to this community. However I don't understand why the big internet giants such as Microsoft isn't willing to invest much in the country.

Additonal, Darren has a good way to reason this (under number 4):
Online disagreements have the ability to escalate incredibly quickly to a point where they go beyond what is reasonable. This is partly because people respond out of the anger and pain that they feel in the moment rather than taking a deep breath and responding with some thought and perspective.
Anyway, it's not like me to talk about sex scandals but since Paris Hilton have spoken. I'll put forward my opinion.

This is really embarrasing and dissapointing. Some times people can be so stupid when it comes to lust. Why did she do it in the first place? Not just doing it, but taping it as well. They either watch too much porn, had too much sex, or want more excitement to spice up their sex lifes.

If such an event were to happen in puerto rico or cuban, it's no big deal maybe because it is quite common. But sex scandals from singapore always get enormous publicity on the internet. Could it be the censoring of local newspaper that leads to the emergence of people's dying hunger for sex scandal news? Could it be that people just isn't having enough sex? Or they just don't drink enough alcohol? Or could it be they are more tech-savvy then the rest of the world?

Anyway, I hope that after all this bad coverage the sun will shine again for Tammy. Maybe she'll get endorsed to market a perfume just like Paris Hilton (or maybe becomes a porn star).

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