Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Aisle 22 Music Band

I had the distinct honour to meet Sarah and Diane in person however unfortunately didn't get to hear them play. But I was glad (and impressed) when told they had a website that I can download their music from.

Sarah Fox plays the violin and vocals in Aisle 22, a band some where near Devon or maybe Reading. Diane Fox plays the bass guitar and backing vocals.
Aisle 22 touch many bases - with a clear nod in the direction of The Cure, The Kinks, Nick Drake and even The Fall, they embrace a sublime musical heritage whilst retaining true originality.

"...rosy cheeked, clean nosed fun - the ideal festival band"

"...a great new band... an abundance of charming observational lyrics and glowing performances..." BBC

The songs are stripped to their essential elements, if you like the emotional resonance of 'godspeed you black emperor' but would prefer 3 minute songs instead of 20 then you will like Aisle 22.
To listen to their work of art, head over to their MySpace account where you can play their track instantly or download from these links:

* If I Can.mp3
* I Like You A Lot.mp3
* She Wears The World.mp3
* Christmas Without You.mp3

Unfortunately I'm unable to comment on their music mainly because I'm not very familiar with their genre or style. It is certainly interesting to find a band with a combination of violin with vocal, guitar and bass as it's not easy to bring these two kinds of instruments together.

For one, violin tend to be played in classical pieces or country musics while guitar tend to be rock. This of course, is not entirely true but bringing both instruments together makes it challenging to achieve synchronisation (or rather harmonise).

Other than that, the violin is not an easy instrument, it takes years of training and even so it's difficult to achieve performance standard. Hence it's difficult to find a good violinist to form a band with. It takes lots of practice to get it right but then again it's just how playing in a band is.

There are no barriers when it comes to Music

Aisle 22 have done a pretty good job challenging this unique difficulty.

On a different topic, Devon is well known for scones with clotted cream. Somehow whenever the topic of "Devon" is talked about, the scones and clotted cream will jump in. After googling around, I found the reason behind the mystery: Devon produces the BEST clotted cream in UK.

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Lisa Rullsenberg said...

As a visitor to Devon on a regular basis in my previous years, I can vouch for the deliciousness of their clotted cream teas: pot of tea, fruit scones, pot of clotted cream to scoop out into the scones, and some home-made jam (preferably strawberry).


Chern Jie said...

Mmm... I love talking about food.

Tim said...

You should listen to early My Dying Bride. Death metal with a violin player as well as the guitars!

Not sure if they sound anything like Aisle 22, though.

Chern Jie said...

I'm not too keen on Death metal but maybe I'll give it a try. Any band with a violin in it would certainly be interesting.

My Dying Bride, sounds cool