Wednesday, February 22, 2006

About Pensieve and BoIO

As my ongoing quest to organize and store all the information that I find and discover, I decided a pensieve is too difficult to obtain so I created a blog with the added benefit of fame.

Similarity and Differences between a pensieve and a blog:

  1. Pensieve requires a wand, a stone basin and some magical skills.
    Blog requires a computer, a server and some computing skills.
  2. Each pensieve thoughts appears as a new silver string.
    Each blog topic appears as a new entry.
  3. Pensieve is useful to relieve the mind when it becomes too flooded with information.
    Blog is also useful to relieve the mind when it becomes too flooded with information.
  4. Pensieve stores all kinds of thoughts.
    Blog can be of any topic.
  5. Pensieve is private but can be shared with other wizards or witches.
    However a blog is public and everyone can read it (even robots).
  6. Pensieve allows others to fully immerse in the memory of the pensiever.
    Blog allows others to read the memory only through words, pictures, audio and video.
  7. Pensieve stores reality, i.e. unbiased, unopinionated, unedited, unmodified, unchanged real events.
    Blog is like a diary, where opinion of the author is more likely to be expressed.
  8. Pensieve is so cool.
    Blog is so cool.
  9. There's no such thing as pensieving (yet) but there is blogging.
Sometimes, JK Rowling's brilliant ways of describing everyday life never cease to amaze me. In fact there's a new product that goes by the name Pensieve based on the idea of this stone basin.

From Wikipedia:

A Pensieve is a stone basin, covered in mystic runes, with a liquid or gas within. A witch or wizard can extract his or her own memories and place them in the Pensieve, especially to relieve the mind when it becomes too flooded with information. Anyone can examine the memories in the Pensieve, which also allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in the memories stored within, much like a magical form of virtual reality. Tom Riddle's diary seems to have this same form of virtual reality. Oddly, users of these devices view the memories from, third person view. This of course, raises questions of how they are able to see things beyond what they have remembered. Rowling confirms that memories in the pensieve allow one to view details of things that happened even if they did not notice or remember them, and stated that "that's the magic of the Pensieve, what brings it alive otherwise it'll be just like a diary" [1]

How do you define information?
Anything really. Any information that I can't squeeze into my fist size brain. Not mountains of statistics data but useful information that goes a long way, such as recipe, insights, tips for picking up girls, ways of life, work ... and the geekier ones like technological news and current affairs.

About me (this section updated regularly):
I'm a 21 years old student studying in Uni of Manchester.
I'm blogging to build up a public profile of myself for both personal and business purposes.
NEW: I'm blogging in an attempt to remember lessons that I have learned. I tend to always forget certain valuable lessons I experience and blogging my experience helps.

Techy Stuff:
Full text RSS feeds are the being used in this blog for good reasons.
Random Posts generator is implemented in Item Pages through careful integration of CSS, Javascript I wrote and some search engine knowledge.
Referal script that you see in the Profile section, scary stuff huh? I wrote that.
Adsense? It's some sorta advertising network thing that gives me money.
Technorati tags are used as category tools.
Visitor stats packages involve Analytics, Statcounter and GStrike.
FeedBurner features include Email Subscription and BuzzBoost.
Hovering Peek-A-Boo Blogger Navbar auto appear and dissappear.

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