Friday, January 13, 2006

The work of Steve Miller

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Many dynamic cellular processes are controlled in whole or in part by GTPases, including endocytosis, vesicular trafficking, cell movement, maintenance of Golgi structure, nuclear transport, mitosis and cytokinesis. GTPases are often described as switches, where the GTP-bound form is "on", while the GDP-bound form is in the "off" position. The location and timing of this activation is critical for proper cell function, but is still poorly understood.

By utilising rabbit eggs, which according to him is easily available due to the breeding habit of rabbits, he gain himself an unlimited supply of eggs for his area of research, i.e. human cloning or genetic studies. He is capable of creating babies basically but he claims to do it in the interest of human therapies.

To study the spatial and temporal control of cellular processes by GTPases, he is using the power of chemistry to synthesize molecules that can quickly enter living cells and allow us to disrupt or probe the activation and interactions of specific proteins. He uses these molecules to study these rapid processes in living cells using fluorescence microscopy. He focus on two areas:
- Inhibitors of GTPase activation and function.
- Fluorescent probes of protein localization and interactions in vivo.

Reference: Stephen Miller, The Graduate Center.

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