Thursday, January 26, 2006

Web 2.0, AJAX and Social Networking 3.0

Ryze, Tribe, LinkedIn, Friendster, Spoke, Visible Path, iMeem, and Zorpia,

The third generation of social-networking technology has hit the Web, and it's about content as much as contacts. Wade Roush wrote an amazing article here about Social Networking, here are some of the excerpt:

On about LinkedIn:
"A year ago a lot of our users were pretty unclear about what they could do," says Konstantin Guericke, co-founder and vice president of marketing at LinkedIn, a social network focusing on business connections. "They knew they were getting invitations to join the network, and they knew how to accept invitations, and sometimes they sent their own invitations -- but they weren't sure what else to do with that."

On Friendster:
"We've listened to our user base very closely, and we're also paying attention to what the competition is doing, and we've formulated a new strategy that is really about personal media," says Jeff Roberto, a marketing manager at Friendster. For example, users can now create blogs, control the appearance of their profiles, upload up to 50 photos, watch slide shows of the photos most recently uploaded by their friends, post classified ads that link back to their profiles, and share audio and video files stored on their PCs using peer-to-peer technology provided by Grouper.

On iMeem:
As an undergraduate in psychology at Stanford University, iMeem co-founder and CEO Dalton Caldwell wrote a thesis about instant messaging's role in workplace collaboration. The wave of social networking applications that emerged around 2001 intrigued him, he says, but "from the first time I saw this stuff, I didn't think it was interactive enough. It was too much just lurking and watching people from afar, but not in real time. It seemed to me the center of the universe [in a social network] should be a buddy list rather than a friends list."

These days some companies are merging the idea of blogging and networking along with other combinations. There seems to be some sort of standard all these technology companies are coming into by starting to offer similar features. In a few years, almost everyone on earth who has an internet account will have an online profile, blog and social network from different countries.

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