Tuesday, January 03, 2006


When it comes to war, to solve a problem you use brute force, power and actions are required rather than talks. When it comes to the living world, solving a problem requires negotiations skills andinfluences.

Negotiation can be achived through talking through things with understanding and reasoning. Explaining to others how and why should one do what you like them to do, and of course how they would benefit from it. Most of the time, all you need to do is understand thesituation and explain the situation nicely in an appropriate manner.

However, negotiation doesn't always go smoothly no matter how much reasoning you try to send across to the person you are talking to. When it comes to some people, some which are either very hard headed, doesn't want to give in, or rather just not smart enough to understand
things, it is hard to get things done. When this happens, it means it's time for you to accept this lose as a tragedy and move on to lowering your deals.

Of course, lowering your deals always sucks because this means the next time when you need to negotiate with the same person, he may be exploiting this particular weakness towards his advantage. It would almost be best not to have any dealings with them ever again, if
possible. If you wouldn't be seeing this guy ever again, it doesn't hurt to lower the deals too much. Lesson learned.

The car scratch, however timid it may be, I learned that I've done a good job, despite the pressure and situation. It still bites a littlebut I'm proud of myself.

The art of negotiation is just... one of the things I still don't understand. The business world today entirely evolve around negotiations, how well you handle it would mean how successful youare.

Negotiation also means that coming to terms with the other party making them feel happy with the offer you are giving. Being diplomaticis pretty much the same.

I guess a few more practice and I'll be fine.

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