Friday, January 27, 2006

Negotiation goes extreme

I always wanted to talk about my dreams, it's the most interesting thing that's going on in my life. Unlike current events which every one talks about, it's unique, special and interesting. Somehow I don't want to join in the crowd and talk about the current hot topics.

For example, Big Brother just kicked out two of the highest social profile participants in one night, George Galloway and Dennis Rodman. George is a politician (MP for Bethnal Green and Bow) while Dennis is a famous Basketball player who slept with Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. Oh, speaking of Galloway, is there hope for George now that he's been kicked out and obtain the bad media coverage? Will he ever become a politician again?


Chinese New Year is coming and everybody in the world is busy finding out how to make Yee Sang. I talked about it almost a century ago and believe it or not, it came back to the limelight which I think is amazing. Maybe I should talk more about my food tasting adventure. Everyone loves it.


Let's get back to what I was talking about, Negotiation goes extreme. A few days ago I've made up my mind on something that I want to do and now trying to figure out a way to tell everyone. This decision is part of the dream.

I was arguing about something with my dad about my decision (above) in the car. He was so angry, he drove the car up the wall on to the roof of residential areas (any idea how it's possible). On going with the argument and as it gets more and more intense, the car "jumped" from houses to houses. I've never seen him so mad before but couldn't care less and continue to stand my point.

When we reach our house, he was so angry he didn't bother to hit on the breaks and we bang right into the back wall of the house. The car is smashed, half of it's front compartment disappeared. Then it strucked me, he bloody smashed the car to make a damn point.

I became angry but I learned how much this decision meant to him. He actually smashed the car to make a point. Even in dream world, cars are precious you know.

Right, I don't suppose anybody would understand what's going on. It's just to show you to what extreme somebody would do to get what they want (even in dream worlds) and often, dreams can be emotional, very.

Moral of the story: Dreams are more exciting than the cinema.

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