Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nadina the French

Disclaimer: No hard feelings to any party, this is a joke entry for a good friend of mine. And English don't hate the French. No, they don't. Honest.

You know how the English absolutely hates the French? Now when you meet Nadina, you'll know why. Not that she is being hated by the English but rather why she hates the French. The French are generally more attractive, witty and sharp than the common brits. Oh, and bossy like me mom.

However, she doesn't claim to be French but a Japanese. Calls herself "Toshie", which means toast. Or maybe something along the line. I was talking to a friend about popular bars and laptops, and then it occured to me, "Toshie Bar". It has a nice ring to it.

So, do tell us when you decide to open your own bar and call it "Toshie Bar". Don't worry about international trademark laws and regulation. I'm sure the Japanese giant wouldn't mind in regards for your passion towards the Japs.

Here's some nice for you: http://images.google.com/images?q=toshie

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