Friday, December 09, 2005

Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo just roll out a brand new service called: Yahoo! Answers. A quick look at it and you'll know that this is one service that will launch all the way to the stars and beyond. Don't believe me? check it out yourself.

Searching on the internet has become a culture in many of us. Many times, while we are having a conversation next to the computer, we will inevitably say, "let's ask the internet!". But sometimes, typing in keywords just wouldn't get you the things you are looking for.

On latest news, like who got kick out of the X-factor talent. It's wise to use Technorati blog search for real time results when the official website just hasn't publish it on their website. For other things, like why add salt into oatmeal when cooking, can't be found by search engines or technorati. You actually need to ask REAL people who knows this stuff. There's where Yahoo! Answers comes in. Real people who knows the stuff can choose to answer your questions, and the best part, you get to rate their answer. You, of course can answer any questions that you know of, and get rated in return.

Makes you feel like you have accomplished something, doesn't it? Now, it can get addicting.

Google have been releasing new products and features almost non-stop this couple of years. For someone who keep track of what's going on in the internet, I find it amazingly fast. What would others who are less computer oriented? Surely they are missing out on those kick-ass features, right?

Anyway, I'm glad to see Yahoo finally releasing something really good. I think I'll undoubtly be using answers for some very interesting topics that keywords just can't cut it out.

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