Sunday, December 18, 2005


Women likes honest man, yet loves man with sweet tongue;
Women likes wealthy man, yet disallow man to have his own bungalow;
Women likes man with pride, yet wants them to carry her handbag;
Women likes reliable man, yet they complain that man are annoying and talk too much;
Women likes career man, yet complains he have no time for her;
Women likes serious man, yet complains man have no sense of humour;
Women likes mature and steady man, yet always complains man is not romantic;
Women likes man with little sex experience, yet desire them to be skilled in bed;
Women doesn't like man with too much sexual drive, yet afraid that man wouldn't touch her;
Women doesn't like to get married, yet always hope that the man frequently proposed to her.


You have to admit, some of them are right but some aren't exactly accurate. In fact, they are kinda bias too. But what the heck, can't be bothered.

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