Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sex and good looks

If you haven't already know it, sex is the fundamental drive that is making the world go round. Among other things, such as money and power, sex is much more powerful.

From young, whenever I gain interest in something, it almost always has to do with the other sexual gender.

When mom speaks of dying with, any wish would do.

I would like to cut off all family ties and live myself, live individually knowing that if I make any mistakes it would be my own fault and nothing related to my family.

Football, for example is naturally a guys thing. It's one of the most non-sexual example I can give you. I'm quite surprise to learn that some female friends of mine actually liked football. Why? Apparently their boy crush loves football. So in order to get closer to the boys, they invest their interest into football. And add that to the benefit of some special acts you can find in football magazines, like one player kicking one's groin, or sticking the face down between the legs while in the act. All of these acts develops interest in girls and usually happens subconsciously.

Obsession, food, sensation.

In my quest to find appreciation that doesn't involve sex, girls and good look, I find that there is almost nothing in this world that can stand out.

Among the few that does, I really love them, and I guess these are the things I'm looking for in a sole partner.

Good food always makes one happy, no matter who you are. That's why you see old ladies who still has a husband can cook very well.

The wonderful thing about good food is it doesn't have to involve sex because food itself is a wonderful sensation.

Sensation of accomplishment. Friends whom I have no sexual or physical interest for, there aren't many, but those who are, are real treasure. I can name a few of them in my life.

The computer? nope.
Life with no worries.

Ultimately, there's only one thing better than sex in life, and that's food to eat. So don't complain about being fat, or fear of fat. Be happy that you are actually living a good life with food to eat.

A good conversation is always good. I rather invite friends over for tea rather than going out clubbing and drinking. Even though it's pretty common around here but a good night talking is the best.

It's amazing how different people from different background lives their life in totally different way, resulting in the different way their mind works.

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