Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Rusholme Assaults - studentdirect

Those of you who were wondering why Wilmslow Road was closed last week should read this article by StudentDirect. It explains the recent police letter regarding anti-social behaviour and their effort to make peace. Hah!
Three men were seriously assaulted in Rusholme late in the evening on Sunday 27th November 2005, leaving two with knife wounds.

One man remains in a critical condition in Manchester Royal Infirmary after receiving a serious injury to his throat in the altercation involving a group of men on the 'curry mile' area of Wilmslow Road. The critically ill man was taken to hospital with another who was suffering from breathing difficulties as a result of being sprayed in the face with what appeared to be CS gas. A third man believed to be involved in the incident suffered a stab wound to his stomach and arrived later at hospital of his own accord.

Wilmslow Road was temporarily closed off while officers carried out their enquiries but was soon re-opened. However, police later prohibited public access to Granvale Street during Monday, where the incident reportedly occurred.

Mohammad Mobarak, 37, who was working in Granvale Street Newsagents on the evening of the incident, heard several shouts from outside his shop. He told Student Direct: "I saw what appeared to be two large gangs of men arguing and throwing objects at each other down the road. One man was wielding a hammer and screaming angrily although they were speaking in Kurdish so I couldn't understand what they were saying.'

Mobarak added that shortly following the altercation, a man who looked to be in his late twenties stumbled into his shop window striving to get attention for a serious injury to his neck, what the shop owner described to look like "a running tap of blood." He continued "I tried to help the injured man but he had already managed to alert the attention of a passing police van."

Will Cont, 28, who lives in the area, was arriving home from work at midnight on Monday when he witnessed a crowd of people and what appears to be the other two victims: "I saw one man who was holding his head in his hands while another man a few metres away was lying on his side covered in blood outside Saajan Restaurant.' On his way home, Cont alerted the police to a bloodied cricket bat and hammer, which he discovered down an alley in Granvale Road and are believed to have been used as weapons in the skirmish.

Although quite distressed at the incident, both Cont and Mobarak commented that it is not the first of its kind to occur in the Granvale Road area. "At first I didn't think anything of the hostility because there is always a lot of trouble going on down here," commented Mobarak, while Cont said: "I have often complained to police that not enough is being done to tackle the unrest and constant feuding in the area."

Police have arrested three men aged 44, 33 and 28 from different areas of Manchester on suspicion of section 18 assault, and are holding them for questioning over the incident.

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