Monday, December 12, 2005

Becker's Nevus (melanosis)

The name comes from Sir William Beckers who was treating two patient with this defect in 1948. beckers
other names - Hairy epidermal nevus. This is a harmless birth mark but occurs usually at adolescence. This starts on the shoulders as a black brown patch it slowly increases in size. The hairs may be increased in the area in time. It is rather characteristic. Parents usually worry about this being skin cancer and they can rest assured that it is not. beckers-naevus
A Becker's naevus (Becker nevus) is a late-onset epidermal naevus or birthmark occurring mostly in males. It is also known as Becker melanosis. It is due to an overgrowth of the epidermis (upper layers of the skin), pigment cells (melanocytes) and hair follicles. It develops during childhood or adolescence on the shoulders or upper trunk, occasionally elsewhere.
It is thought that it is due to a gene defect, which has not yet been identified. It may be triggered to develop by circulating androgens (male hormones such as testosterone), which is why it appears in males at puberty. derm topic48
Surgical Care: Therapeutic intervention for Becker nevus primarily is for cosmetic reasons. Patients present with complaints related to hypertrichosis and/or hyperpigmentation.
*- Q-switched ruby laser (694 nm) has been used with variable success in the treatment of both the hypertrichosis and hyperpigmentation of Becker nevus.
- Histopathologic analysis of lesional skin after laser treatment showed selective damage of superficially located melanocytes but a persistence of adnexal melanocytes.
- Remaining pigment cells may account for the transient improvement noted clinically.
*- At this author's institution, pigment in 1 patient's Becker nevus was eliminated successfully using a long-pulse ruby laser (2 milliseconds) that capitalized on the known side effect of postinflammatory hypopigmentation that may occur in heavily pigmented skin.Advise patients that this is a benign entity and does not require treatment except for cosmetic reasons. skin
Becker's nevus is a big, dark, hairy patch that pops up on a man's upper back or shoulder (occasionally elsewhere) just after puberty. Common, and sometimes hereditary. Keep an eye on it (small melanoma risk, just remove 'em in a timely way before they get dangerous -- Dermatologica 182: 77, 1991), and reassure the owner that a Becker's nevus is very macho and studly.

- Richard Gere has one which he does not cover with makeup during his love scenes. Celebrities Patrick Muldoon and Heath Ledger also display theirs without applying makeup.
- Sometimes the affected region also features hypoplasia of arm and/or breast, scoliosis, lots of little skin leiomyomas, and/or spina bifida occulta (Am. J. Med. Genet. 68: 357, 1997). This is only a small minority of Becker's people, but is called "Becker's nevus syndrome." beckers nevus
Five cases of progressive cribriform and zosteriform hyperpigmentation are described. The following criteria were fulfilled:
1. uniformly tan cribriform macular pigmentation in a zosteriform distribution;
2. a histologic pattern that consisted of a mild increase in melanin pigment in the basal cell layer and complete absence of nevus cells;
3. no history of rash, injury, or inflammation to suggest postinflammatory hyperpigmentation;
4. onset well after birth with gradual extension;
5. lack of other associated cutaneous or internal abnormalities.

A social group on yahoo aims to promote understanding of ways to cope with this: Beckers nevus


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