Saturday, November 26, 2005

Xooglers - The story of an Ex-Google Employee

I came across this blog who claims himself to be working in Google five years ago (via Battelle). His Blog.

What's interesting in his blog is some insight into the working environment in Google, although I think many of his point of views are bias towards anti-Google. I believe, no matter how big or successful a company, it is bound to have some not-so-beautiful points about it. Nothing is perfect. - Talks about the differences between working for a big-giant reputable company and a small-new start-up company. I've worked with both types of companies before and That's-Exactly-How-It-Is! Roles are set in big companies and you should never ever step into someoneelse's job scope, whereas in small companies you should be flexible and do whatever work is required to be done.
Googlers should apply themselves to any project that needs doing, then take
on totally unrelated tasks without hesitation. Moreover, they should be able to
identify those needs on their own and teach themselves how to solve the problems
they present. That's why the company is so fixated on hiring only really smart
people without much regard for their prior work experience (no need to comment
this post asking how I slipped through).

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