Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Vivísimo - the new search approach (

A New Approach is Required

Most enterprises recognize the strategic importance of connecting employees to the content they need, as it directly affects their costs, revenues, productivity, and even competitiveness. The amount of this "information capital" in organizations has grown at an astronomical rate over the last few years as new digital content is being created and older content is being digitized and saved. However, the tools to handle this "information overload" have lagged behind.

Simple search is no longer enough. Enterprises must expand information retrieval systems beyond free-form searching. They need to add the ability to sort and organize results meaningfully, letting users gather more knowledge and insight from content — not just data points.

Vivísimo's search and clustering solutions are based on a powerful new approach that organizes search results into meaningful categories without requiring any preprocessing of documents. Our comprehensive content search and clustering solution requires no preexisting taxonomy, yet works to enhance existing taxonomies where they exist.

Vivísimo's solutions can be broadly adopted across industries. We invite you to explore our industry solutions to learn more about how Vivísimo offerings might benefit your company:

Why Vivísimo?

The award-winning Vivísimo clustering technology, developed by Carnegie Mellon research scientists, is unlocking the value of stored information at Fortune 500 companies, top websites, prestigious publishers and government agencies by categorizing search results on the fly into meaningful folders, thus achieving breakthrough improvement in access to relevant information.

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